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VMUG Virtual EUC Event

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VMUG's Virtual EUC Event will deliver a highly interactive, 3-D virtual environment. Join us to connect with several VMware experts, EUC vendors, and fellow community members at this FREE, one-day online event.

The best part is this event is virtual so you can experience it all from anywhere – you don't even have to leave your home or office!

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If you are an IT professional who is a frequent user of EUC solutions and/or interested in learning more about EUC – this is the event for you! Attend on Thursday, April 16 from 9:00 AM – 3:00 PM (CT) to spend a day uncovering cutting-edge EUC content straight from VMware and tech experts.

Discover the latest information about architecture and implementation, hear best practices from worldwide industry experts, and meet the global practice leads on-site who are there to answer your most pressing questions. We cannot wait to EUC you there!


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9:30 - 10:15 AM CT Auditorium


VMware Workspace ONE - Enabling Rapid WFH Scenarios

Shawn Bass
VP, CTO End-User Computing, VMware

One of the most critical projects facing organizations today is Digital Transformation. A key component of digital transformation is making sure that your employees have the right tools to do their jobs in the fast-paced ever changing technology landscape. Join Shawn Bass, VMware End-User Computing CTO as he describes the four key areas of innovation that the Workspace ONE platform is delivering. The key focus areas for the Workspace ONE platform are: Employee Experience, Modern Management, Hybrid Virtual Desktops/Apps and Zero Trust Security. Shawn will provide insights on how the End-User Computing landscape is changing and why these four key topics are critical focus areas for today’s business world.

10:15 - 10:20 AM CT


10:20 - 10:50 AM CT Auditorium

Troubleshoot and Optimize VDI End User Experience with ControlUp 8.1

Trentent Tye
Technical Specialist, ControlUp
Tom Fenton
Technical Marketing Manager, ControlUp

At this session you’ll learn how ControlUp puts you in control of your VMware Horizon infrastructure, eliminates downtime, cuts your costs, and increases ROI on your VMware Horizon investment. Just 30 minutes of installation and deployment time will provide you with a real-time, unified view of all hosts, datastores, virtual machines, user sessions, and processes in your environment. With ControlUp you can quickly identify problems, drill down to find the source, apply a fix, and validate resolution—all without leaving the ControlUp console—so you can be more efficient and effective while providing your end-users with a great experience.

Moving to Modern: Software Distribution at Scale with Adaptiva and VMware Workspace ONE

Chaz Spahn
Education Services Manager, Adaptiva
David Sommerville
Director of Sales, Central, West, South US & US Federal Government, Adaptiva

Enterprises are increasingly moving to modern device management, and in large, distributed environments, quickly delivering content across the network without disrupting business processes remains a persistent challenge and creates issues with production traffic and software delivery success rates. Adaptiva OneSite VMware Edition is a peer-to-peer (P2P) content distribution engine that provides the fastest way to securely and reliably distribute software across an enterprise, and was chosen by VMware for integration after a competitive evaluation.

Guaranteed content delivery: OneSite adapts to network constraints and latency to ensure content reaches the endpoint without impacting production traffic

• Accelerate distribution: Download once from the cloud and then automatically distribute throughout the environment using peer-to-peer technology

Welcome to the Cloud - now DON'T LOOK DOWN. #cloud_staging

Tyler Rohrer
Co-Founder & Strategic Alliances, Liquidware

While virtualization certainly amplified our capital budgets, allowing us to optimize and extend the hardware, software, and networking assets we placed in service - end user computing has proven to be a bit more of a challenge. As one of the founding members of VMware’s Enterprise Desktop Team in 2008 – T.Rex will walk the audience through the progression from VMware VDM 1.0 back in the day, up and through the current deployment options with Workspace One, Horizon, and the Cloud (all of them) The power of security, agility, automation, and scale that we see in Cloud was inherited from those early adopters and pioneers of vSphere years and years ago. Once again, the direct translation to End User Computing continued to escape us. Until now. And given the need for remote supremacy in today modern and exposed workforce is mandatory. This session will explore how to take the core concepts of on premise virtualization and VDI and extend and enhance them in the cloud. The pilots, POC's, and bakeoffs of yesterday are the foundation for your journey into Cloud Staging. Cloud Staging is a logical methodology to take what you have considered, tested, or deployed to date - and maximize your investment in people, products, and process into the Cloud while minimizing risk.

10:50 - 10:55 AM CT


10:55 - 11:25 AM CT Auditorium

Horizon 7 on VMware Cloud on AWS

Colby Mooney
Solutions Engineer II, VMware

It’s not too difficult to see the need for a service like Horizon on VMC on AWS. Whether you’re looking at building up new IT infrastructure, expanding past current data center limitations, advancing your market into a new geography, moving closer to application locality, or delivering business continuity; Horizon on VMC on AWS could be a great fit. Horizon on VMC on AWS allows those who are already familiar with Horizon 7 on-premises to leverage the same architecture and tools while outsourcing the vSphere management. Cloud Pod Architecture can be leveraged to deploy a hybrid cloud environment interconnecting on-premises Horizon pods with Horizon pods hosted on VMC on AWS. Leveraging 16 different AWS regions, Horizon workloads can be deployed to many more locations, providing better end user experience for remote users and a better geographical DR solution. Additionally, we have the ability to leverage AWS Native services for Active Directory, DNS, DHCP, etc. or you have the option to connect to on-premises via DX or VPN.

NSX-T and Horizon: Better Security and Performance for VDI

James Streit
Staff Technical Account Manager, VMware

VMware NSX-T provides significant networking and security benefits to an existing or new virtual desktop infrastructure (VDI) through micro-segmentation, virtualized network services and features, and agentless partner off-load services to increase the overall end-user experience. The design and architecture of an NSX-T environment for VMware Horizon will be discussed. This session will examine the benefits of NSX-T features, such as load balancing for Horizon components, and how the NSX-T Distributed Logical Router can reduce network hair-pinning across your physical devices and provide VM isolation. See how to leverage the NSX-T Distributed Firewall for security with micro-segmentation, and utilize NSX-T Guest Introspection for agentless anti-virus/anti-malware protection with VMware certified partners.

11:25 AM - 11:30 AM CT


11:30 AM - 12:00 PM CT Auditorium

Delivering Advanced Identity Capabilities for the Digital Workspace with Okta

Andy Knott
Senior Solutions Engineer, Okta

Okta and VMware deliver advanced identity capabilities for the Digital Workspace with a best-in-class user experience and security. By integrating VMware Workspace ONE and the Okta Identity Cloud, your organization can easily and securely move to the cloud, adopt best-of-breed technologies and simplify IT management. Join our session to learn more about how Okta and VMWare can help accelerate your critical digital workspace projects including secure access to resources from any device, eliminate passwords and securely manage the user and device lifecycle.

How Trust Network Provides Unified Endpoint Management with Partner Lookout Mobile Endpoint Security

Nancy Lam
Sr. Director of Business Development, Lookout

Cloud adoption and digital transformation are driving organizations to look for end-to-end management and security solutions. VMware's Trust Network aims to meet the demands of modern organizations with its inclusion of endpoint security and mobile threat defense partnership offerings. Join us to learn how Workspace One and the Intelligence platform provides a single management and security orchestration, automation and response engine to overcome modern security challenges across all device types including iOS and Android through a partnership with Lookout Mobile Endpoint Security.

“EUC Beats” for VMware by NetApp’s Dre

Dre Jackson
Principal Architect, NetApp

You will learn how easy it is to create a remote connected infrastructure for EUC, by using NetApp and its trusted partners. This is an EUC Solution that utilizes VMware and NetApp Hybrid Cloud products for public clouds and on-premises. Also, in this session you will learn how to provide capabilities for and to Engineers, Graphic Artists, Oil and Gas graphic users, Healthcare radiology users, Video editing users and other graphic app users can work from home with VMware, NVIDIA and NetApp. Graphic users can work remotely while the graphic images and data stay secured in the computer room. NetApp and VMware have a graphic app remote access End User Computing solution that is tried, tested and proven by customers for over the past 5 years. This solution is focused on all workloads utilizing the VMware vSphere, NetApp HCI with NVIDIA GPU compute nodes. Also, learn the simplicity of NetApp HCI and the benefits of De-Aggregated HCI over the existing HCI platforms in a VMware solution for EUC. In consideration of the current crisis, if you have an immediate need to provide the capabilities for users to work from home, you will want to attend this session.

12:00 - 12:05 PM CT


12:05 - 12:50 PM CT Auditorium

Keynote: Digital Workspaces in the Cloud: Where we have been, and where we are going

Gabe Knuth
Sr. Product Line Marketing, VMware

Windows apps are still around so we keep Windows around. First we moved our apps and desktops to the datacenter, and now we’re thinking about the cloud. DaaS has been grown in popularity and evolved as a concept since the late 2000’s. Desktone set the stage for desktops being delivered from the public cloud, and eventually evolved into VMware Horizon Cloud. Now that Microsoft has Windows Virtual Desktop, Gabe Knuth will spend some time on the details of this partnership its combined capabilities.

12:50 - 12:55 PM CT


12:55 - 1:25 PM CT Auditorium

What's New in App Volumes 4.0

Jen Slabaugh
Sr. Solutions Engineer – End User Computer, VMware

The latest release of App Volumes, App Volumes 4.0, improves both the end user experience and the experience of managing App Volumes on a day-to-day basis. In this technical session, we’ll deep-dive on the architecture and the new features App Volumes 4.0 introduces, such as Simplified Application Management, application lifecycle management, dynamic marker-based assignments, and more. We’ll also take a look at upgrade considerations as you plan your move from App Volumes 2.x to App Volumes 4.0, and we’ll see App Volumes 4.0 in action through lots of demos. Whether you’re new to App Volumes or have been managing a production deployment for years, you’ll come away from this session understanding how App Volumes 4.0 takes the heavy lifting out of managing your end-user app ecosystem

Zero Trust – How the VMware Portfolio Helps on the Journey to Achieving Your Goals

Scot Curry
Sr. Staff Solutions Engineer, VMware

The move to mobility has forced organization to evaluate how to secure their digital assets. This session will explain how VMware defines Zero Trust and will focus on the technologies that VMware provides to protect organizations in the modern security world. This will be a session that focuses on the Endpoint devices, and will be covering the Workspace ONE UEM, Workspace ONE Access, Workspace ONE Intelligence, and Horizon, with a bit of NSX thrown in to explain the complete story.

Managing Devices with Workspace ONE UEM

Roy McCord
Staff Architect, PS Engineer, VMware

Learn how to reduce costs and improve security with modern, over-the-air management of every endpoint – including desktops, mobile, rugged, and IoT – and ensure enterprise security at every layer with Workspace ONE UEM. Learn about VMware’s proven approach to end-user computing maturity and start to develop your own EUC roadmap.

1:25 - 1:30 PM CT


1:30 - 2:00 PM CT Auditorium

Mastering Voodoo: Building Linux VDI for AI platforms

Johan van Amersfoort
EUC & AI Technologist, ITQ Consultancy

VDI should be a place where all use cases can be facilitated. An emerging use case is the Data Scientist with their specific linux-based OS’es and AI platforms. In this session, Johan explains the do’s and don’ts when preparing, designing and building Datascience-proof VDI platforms. You will too become a Linux-VDI voodoo-master!

How Horizon deployed with VMware Cloud Foundation is allowing Nol-Tec to continue business during Covid-19

Tony Harmelink
Endpoint Engineer, Nol-Tec Systems, Inc.
Kevin Tebear
Staff Technical Marketing Architect, VMware Cloud Foundation, VMware

Learn how a small engineering business in Lino Lakes, Minnesota built a private cloud with VMware Cloud Foundation and Horizon to provide 3D CAD and knowledge worker desktops to their employees enabling full business continuity with minor loss of productivity. The standardized architecture and deployment of Horizon on VMware Cloud Foundation, along with lifecycle management of the entire SDDC, make the efficiencies and of cloud a reality for this business.

2:00 - 2:05 PM CT


2:05 - 2:35 PM CT Auditorium

Leveraging Horizon Cloud on Microsoft WVD on Azure

Colby Mooney
Solutions Engineer II, VMware

What is Windows Virtual Desktop? The best way to think of WVD is as a collection of Azure resources dedicated to remote Windows desktops. On top of that, Microsoft built a set of features that customers with certain license types are entitled to. Those features include support for Windows 10 multi-session (which is like traditional RDSH servers, but with Windows 10 instead of Windows Server) and Windows 7 with free Extended Security Updates until Jan 2023. WVD has certain standalone capabilities, but they’re limited. Horizon Cloud offers more features and value. It also integrates nicely with some of the prior existing features of WVD, such as FSLogix. VMware has a desktop virtualization platform built on Azure called “Horizon Cloud on Microsoft Azure.” This has been around for several years and now our partnership with Microsoft allows us to run the features of Windows Virtual Desktop through our platform. Horizon Cloud Service takes many of the key components of a VDI/RDS platform and makes them available as a cloud-based application offered as a service. The intent is to provide a single place to go and manage multiple Horizon deployments, along with common features and functions such as; pod deployment, user assignments, image management, monitoring, and helpdesk. It’s likely you’ve likely heard about Horizon running on other platforms, too, but the only place you can run these exclusive features (Win 10 Multi-session and Windows 7 w/ free ESU) is on Azure.

Workspace Security: Securing Endpoints from Small Businesses to Large Enterprises

Harsha Nagaraju
Sr. Product Manager, VMware

Workspace ONE delivers an engaging “any app, any device” experience that employees love. But it’s the Unified Endpoint Management and Zero Trust access control built into the platform that enables IT to empower the workforce. Learn how VMware is re-inventing endpoint management and security, by combining VMware Carbon Black and Workspace One work together to provide market leading orchestration, threat detection and response. Quickly make your customers more secure one endpoint at a time with intrinsic Security.

Managing Windows 10 and Integrating Office 365 with Workspace ONE

Sean Massey
Staff Cloud Solutions Architect, VMware

Work no longer means putting in eight hours each day at the office. Today's technology allows businesses to deliver unprecidented choice and mobility to their employees. But choice and mobility also bring management challenges. Devices and applications still need to be secured and updated - tasks that are made harder when the machine is not on the network. Learn how Workspace ONE can bridge this management gap for Windows 10 and Office 365 to the business

2:35 - 2:45 PM CT


2:45 - 3:45 PM CT

Minneapolis VMUG Virtual Happy Hour

3:45 PM CT

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